Top Facts About Serviced Apartments

Before we could get to the facts on serviced apartments, let us at least inform you that serviced apartments are basically apartments designed for a short-term or long-term stay, which come with service. In other words, it’s a better and comfortable version of a hotel room but with huge amounts of space, your freedom, your complete privacy and access to everything at your own free will. An example of these would be Kensington Serviced apartments and Ealing Service apartments.

Following are some of the facts about serviced apartments which will strengthen your belief into it.

1. Spacious and Well Built

These apartments are designed especially for the comfort and well-being of a human. So if you’re the type to have a need for more space then these are definitely your pick of the week or month. The apartments are built quite luxuriously; they have everything one requires for their personal habitat.

A perfect example of this would be again the Kensington apartments which are built to accommodate up to 5 people and more depending upon the desired quantity. Despite this, they have apartments available for those travelling in two as well. Just fill out your details and you’ll see a variety of serviced apartments available with all the details you can ask for.

2. Feels Like Home

Most of the people don’t feel much comfortable in a hotel room because of its foreign feeling and the fact that you’re mostly confined to your tiny room. A serviced apartment on the other hand, are designed specifically so that one can feel as if they didn’t step out into another place but rather at their homes. You want to live like a local in a certain place, you want to be able to move around with no possible restrictions, you want your own privacy and your freedom, well serviced apartments offer you all in one piece.

Also, the Ealing serviced apartments are designed in a way that a person doesn’t feel out of place. Sure they come in luxurious forms as well but you can always choose the one you feel comfortable in.

3. Privacy

This factor is the main reason serviced apartments were created in the first place. When some of you are staying in hotels, you must have noticed that no matter how much privacy you get, at some point you’re going to cross ways with strangers. Maybe when you want to have a nice quiet dinner by the pool or on the balcony, you’ll see people around or maybe you’re with a family and want a private place for yourself so you can eat, play or talk freely. You don’t get privileges in hotels, you do but not up to the point where they change their policies for you. For such people who want to swim calmly, eat and talk in a relaxed manner with no worries about you causing a raucous or disturbance, serviced apartments have been introduced. Since each apartment comes with fully fitted kitchen and WIFI, you’ll find it quite suitable to your needs.

4. Economical

One or two people living in a hotel room for a single night isn’t a strain on your Dow. Now add in a couple more people and a couple more days, you’ll see that your financial status is suffering some sort of stress after all. Serviced apartments provide you the liberty of costing much less than a hotel room. You can travel longer than two weeks and you’ll see that serviced apartments are gracious with cost, living arrangements and your private needs. Need we say more? 

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