Hotels or Serviced Apartments – Which One To Choose

The major comparison between two best services offered by the mankind for the comfort of mankind when travelling with family or by themselves.

So, hotels and serviced apartments are created for our benefits and comfort. We are required to stay in the two to ensure good rest, food and finally a fresher being off for work or enjoyment. Now both offer us their full services however we cannot stay or select both no matter how fair we become. So let’s compare the two and see which one is more advantageous.

1. Family

- Hotel

As much as a hotel provides ultimate comfort, we can all agree upon the fact that it’s not the best place for children especially toddlers and young kids around the ages of 4 or 5. They scream, play and do all the stuff that is expected of children yet hotel is something that is occupied with people of all age and kind. Some prefer peace and their peace is definitely disturbed with the raucous kids bring with them

-Serviced Apartment

Serviced apartments on the other hand are perfect for families. They get their required space and privacy and can play or scream without having the fear of disturbing any other nearby.

2. Space


Hotels provide you with space just enough for the required people i.e. if you demand a room for two, you get a room for two with no other liberty. Liberties exist but they enter with their own rate.

-Serviced Apartment

Even if you demand for a serviced apartment for one person, you realize that the apartment comes with a room, kitchen and a living room along with a pool or garden as offered in Woking serviced apartment and Dorking serviced apartment. The space is enough for you to wander around and relax freely.

3. Extra Services


Hotels provide with a lot of extra services like room service, food, and many more you require however each service come with their own respectable cost and the type which you can’t afford after some time.

-Serviced Apartment

Serviced apartments is like home away from home but you do not pay separate bills for the apartments it included in the rates, so you can feel more relaxed. You don’t get to have severe financial bills for a little extra frill like weekly cleaning or parking. The Dorking serviced apartments are said to offer top extravaganzas with affordable cost. Isn’t that great? A full apartment plus extra benefits.

4. Homely Feeling


Now let’s be honest here, no matter how extravagant a hotel is, no matter how much services they offer, they will always remain as hotels. And you will always be labeled as a guest or a stranger. You will never get a homely feeling in hotel no matter how much you try. This is a full blown honest fact. Hotels will always be the place you stay at for a short period of time. It can never be long term and can never be home.

-Serviced Apartment

Serviced apartments if anything are designed as such so that a person can feel at home. You can enjoy your holiday or work freely without having to feel like a stranger in a compact space. Rather it will feel like a local staying in a spacious serviced apartment which is anything but more beautiful like your own home.

5. Financial Distinction


Hotels without a doubt are extremely expensive. You cannot afford a week long or two-week long vacation in a hotel unless if your vacation includes staying inside the entire time and not really see anything. The better the hotel, the higher the price.

-Serviced Apartment

Serviced Apartments are much affordable. With the amount of space and services they provide, they still cost less than a hotel and you can actually afford them for a longer term i.e. your two week or two month or two year stay in a serviced apartment will prove to be very affordable as compare to a hotel. For example, Woking serviced apartments are said to have the most reasonable prices along with the exact comfort you need for your stay.

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