Most Common Questions Related To Serviced Apartments Answered

Now mostly when looking for a serviced apartment, people tend to be very curious and try to go through a thorough research to see what the big deal about them is? We’ll now provide you with a common answers. Some serviced apartments take time in providing you your answers while some like Slough serviced apartments and Bracknell serviced apartments, we have a great customer service who will answer all the queries efficiently. Let us answer your most frequently asked questions so that you needn’t trouble them and yourselves in the first place.

Why should I choose serviced apartments?

You should choose serviced apartments because they provide you with ultimate comfort, your own space and your own freedom to do whatever you want just like you do at home.

What is the difference between a hotel room and a serviced apartment?

The difference is that while in a hotel, you’ll be provided with just a room and bath and minimum amount of privacy. In a serviced apartment, you will be provided with a living room, kitchen and bedroom so you can feel right at home.

Can I book my reservation online?

For most of the serviced apartments, the answer is YES, you can. However, some do not offer the liberty of booking reservations online rather you have to call them and place your booking. Bracknell Serviced apartments offer their services online and so does many others like it. However, some don’t, so in order to get clear confirmation, it’s best to call first.

Can I view all your apartments from the website?

The answer to this again remains similar to above. Many provide you with proper pictures while some take your order and surprise you on your main day. Luxurious apartments like Slough serviced apartments definitely provide you with pictures of their apartments so you can see and select for yourself. However as per our experience, majority offer their apartment pictures online so you can select whichever you feel the most comfortable in.

Hotels provide us with the facility of cooked meals and relax.

Yes, serviced apartments provide you with the liberty to cook and relax as well. You can always ask for their details on reception desk and call them over to clean up after you and cook your meals. The extra benefit lies in the fact that you’ll be enjoying your meal in your living room relaxing casually in your couch while in the hotel, you’ll most likely be sitting in your bed balancing everything.

Do serviced apartments cost more than a hotel room?

No, the best part about serviced apartment is that they offer a large number of services in a very affordable cost. You will be able to afford your apartment as well as go and enjoy your stay for as long as you want. A hotel room will provide you with a lot but it all comes with a price while serviced apartments will charge you but way lesser than your average hotel.

Is it ideal for family?

Serviced apartment is definitely ideal for a family on vacation and need for their privacy. These apartments are designed in such a way that you and your family would be able to relax immensely and comfortably with no need for any kind of a hurdle.

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